Frank Verbeek

Managing Partner

Frank Verbeek is the Managing Partner and Founder of IMPROVED Corporate Finance.

Frank established the firm in 2013 with the ambition of enhancing entrepreneurs’ experience with corporate finance partners. He has over 40 years of experience focussing on business development, innovation, and strategic partnerships with the last 20 years in corporate finance.

Frank advises multiple clients across a broad range of entrepreneurial ambitions, including Technology, Energy-Transition and Mobility. He is a true advocate of the power of innovation and (new) technology deriving from this. Frank believes the value is not just in the financial results but in a company’s equity story. The key value drivers and intelligence that exist within a company are rarely leveraged to their full potential. Frank set up IMPROVED to realise optimal value for entrepreneurs and pioneers supported by a well-designed equity story, allowing them to drive innovation and achieve their growth ambitions. Frank started his career in strategic marketing and business development, where he focused on the key value drivers and equity stories behind companies. It is also here where he developed enormous respect for hardworking entrepreneurs and their relevant growth ambitions.

In 1997, Frank founded a business development, corporate finance and management consultancy firm, helping companies achieve more by partnering with like-minded organisations to solve the most challenging and unresolved issues.

Furthering his vision and its impact, Frank joined First Dutch Capital as Managing Partner providing tech entrepreneurs with a one-stop solution combining Legal, Economics and Financial expertise, before founding IMPROVED Corporate Finance. Through Frank’s philosophy, IMPROVED proudly boasts a 100% success rate for every transaction and partnership it has enabled.

Outside of work, Frank loves sports, both as a participant and as a fan. Frank also harboured the ambition to become the conductor of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Frank sees many parallels between corporate finance, sport and classical music; to be successful, they require passion, leadership, teamwork, preparation, focus and agile execution.

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