IMPROVED advises BYBORRE on the Series B investment from a consortium of impact investors

  • Date February 6th, 2023
  • Transaction type Growth Financing
  • Sector Technology
  • Sub Sector Textile Innovation
Further Info

BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation company, that combines technology and textile expertise to bring a new standard to the industry by unlocking material innovation, sharing its vast experience on circular knitting and making their transparent supply-chain available to all clients.

BYBORRE recently raised a Series B funding round, led by VP capital and Invest-NL. Additionally, existing shareholders SHIFT, AKEF, and a group of angel investors also committed to this round. The investment is used to accelerate the company’s international growth in key markets such as the United States, the Nordics and Italy, and to further establish the position of BYBORRE as the leading platform for sustainable textiles.

Building on BYBORRE’s substantial impact on the textile industry, combined with its disruptive, proven & scalable technology, the company was able to secure a Series B investment and establish the ideal growth partnership. The group of well-respected impact investors with a strong background and network in the textile industry will support BYBORRE to continue scaling globally, and CreateTM real, sustainable, change. IMPROVED acted as the exclusive financial advisor to BYBORRE.

BYBORRE is a textile innovation company leading the way in combining technology and craftsmanship. Founded in 2015 by Borre Akkersdijk and Arnoud Haverlag, the company is renowned for its use of cutting-edge materials and commitment to sustainable production methods. With its revolutionary CreateTM platform, BYBORRE has made it possible for anyone to create responsible textiles while creating a transparent and accessible supply chain. From using advanced textile technologies, such as 3D knitting, to creating unique and functional fabrics, BYBORRE is pushing the boundaries of textiles to create truly sustainable products. The company recently introduced a new ready-to-order textile collection called TextilesTM. The collection features 17 pre-made fabrics produced with traceable materials, making it easier for professionals to design better products with better textiles. All textiles come with a Textile Passport ensuring a fully transparent supply chain.

"We challenge the old, while delivering solutions for the new. The demand for textiles keeps growing, and so the need for a textile design and development solution that matches commercial feasibility, positive impact and creativity is ever more pressing. That's why we're here to stay."

Borre Akkersdijk

Chief Creative Officer and co-founder, BYBORRE

"BYBORRE is the award-winning textile platform changing the USD 1+ trillion textile industry, indeed one of the most polluting & broken industries in the world. They allow brands and creators to design responsible textiles digitally, sample rapidly and produce on-demand with a scalable production network via their Create™ platform. Used by leading and emerging brands in fashion, furniture and lifestyle, we are excited that the recently-raised Series B will allow BYBORRE to further leverage its proven technology and multi-layered strategy in creating a sustainable textile industry."

Manus Weber

Executive Director, IMPROVED