Our Services

Our clients require services which are tailored to their unique circumstances and needs, delivered by leading corporate finance specialists who they can trust.

Our dedicated team of experienced international deal makers, offers our clients over 200 years of corporate finance expertise and TEM industry knowledge earned within the industry.

Through our range of M&A and corporate finance advisory services, we aim to help our clients unlock optimal value for their shareholders and stakeholders every step of the way.

Our services include:

  • M&A Sell-side
  • M&A Buy-side
  • Growth Financing
  • Debt Advisory
  • Carve Outs

M&A Sell-side

Selling a company that has been built from the ground up is never an easy decision. Finding the best future partner to acquire and further grow the organisation requires trust. Our position as the TEM corporate finance specialists, with a global reach and deep market expertise, affords our clients with a proprietary network to find their buyer. We work tirelessly to support our clients achieve optimal value and secure the right owner for their business.

M&A Buy-side

The rapid pace of change across the TEM industries requires the right growth strategy to prepare for the years ahead. Finding the right business targets requires a partner with deep sector knowledge and strong relationships with key decision-makers. Through our global network of local experts, we identify the targets that we recognise to be market leaders, and help our clients realise optimal synergetic value through buy and build.

Growth Financing

Investment has the ability to take companies to the next level; however, finding the right partner is critical. Our team has, a deep understanding of the ecosystem to find the right growth partner, including thorough knowledge of the investment objectives of key industry players. We also have strong investor relationships with the investor community across TEM, helping us to marry our clients’ ambitions to the right partner.

Debt Advisory

Securing debt can help power a company’s growth initiatives while allowing them to keep control of the business. Its ability to free up vital funds without risking shareholder equity is vital for companies looking to grow. IMPROVED has an extensive network of trusted debt providers through which we can help our clients secure the necessary financing without diluting the shareholding of their existing shareholders.

Carve Outs

Whatever a client’s business goal, we aspire to help them optimise transaction value while minimising the disruption to their business through our carve-outs advisory services. Delivered by our team of corporate advisory professionals and industry experts, we guide our clients through every step of the process. Our strong track record of executing complex transactions through our team of Associate Partners make us, in our view, excellently equipped to support.

We provide clients with a global reach and proprietary access to key investors, entrepreneurs and corporations in the industry.