IMPROVED advises Medisun on the merger with the Cannim Group

  • Date February 23rd, 2022
  • Transaction type M&A
  • Sector Technology
  • Sub Sector AgriTech
Further Info

The Sydney-based Cannim Group has completed its merger with Medisun – a leading cultivator based in Ontario, Canada.

IMPROVED acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Medisun in this complex transcontinental transaction. IMPROVED successfully managed the merger of the Canada-based Medisun and the Cannim Group – one of the leading global cannabis companies headquartered in Australia.

The merger will allow for significant cross-selling synergies, where Medisun can offer its products for the benefit of patients in Australia and Europe through Cannim’s global sales network, while Cannim can expand their distribution channels for their products in the US and Canada.

This transaction once again signifies IMRPOVED’s complex and cross-border dealmaking capabilities, allowing its clients to become successful globally.