IMPROVED advises Omnia Retail on its Fundraising by Connected Capital

  • Date October 6th, 2017
  • Transaction type Growth Financing
  • Sector Technology
  • Sub Sector Saas (Dynamic Pricing)
Further Info

With their leading algorithmic dynamic pricing platform, Omnia Retail enables retailers to automate their pricing and online marketing in an easy and effective way. Marketing and category managers are provided with access to new insights and pricing and as a result operate more effectively in their strategic marketing decision-making. IMPROVED has acted as an exclusive financial advisor to Omnia Retail.

Omnia Retail is in an ideal position to serve the future demand of retailers in the field of dynamic pricing and dynamic online marketing. The capital injection by Connected Capital will mainly be used for expansion of the team, service and the product portfolio to realise the company’s growth ambitions. Besides these expansions, Omnia Retail will actively collaborate with international consulting partners and online marketing offices to boost its efforts in a fast-growing market.

“At the moment, we are in a privileged position of being the only firm worldwide that
owns a system which drives pricing and online marketing on the basis of advanced
algorithms ... Large foreign retailers know how to find us, which makes it easier for us to
realise the necessary international expansion. The investments and strategical support
from Connected Capital made it possible for us to expand our team and develop our
product faster.”

Sander Roose

Founder & CEO, Omnia Retail

“Herman and Sander are a very strong, experienced team and they have access to a talented team of developers and sales consultants. Together they have built a strong company with extraordinary growth possibilities in a very innovative sector. We are looking forward to share our knowledge, network and energy with Omnia Retail to help them realise their growth ambitions.”

Geert van Engelen

Partner, Connected Capital

"It is IMPROVED's goal to support founders in realising their ambitions. We believe Sander and Herman are great professionals who will create value for their clients and therewith also for other stakeholders.”

Frank Verbeek

Managing Partner, IMPROVED