IMPROVED advises Onetrail on its sale to Total Specific Solutions

  • Date April 9th, 2019
  • Transaction type M&A
  • Sector Technology
  • Sub Sector IT Services (Data Logistics)
Further Info

Onetrail, a supplier of vertical market data solutions, has found a new owner in Total Specific Solutions (TSS) that fits with its growth ambitions. This acquisition is for TSS an extension of its data distribution activities into the domain of consumer electronics retail and the acquisition strengthens its position in data logistics within the local government vertical.

Onetrail focuses on trading and retail companies, and public and governmental organizations. Product and order data of the purchasing and selling companies is updated continuously in real time by Onetrail via its Trading Partner Network. During the past years not only the advanced EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) processes have been developed but also several online applications, enabling dozens of parties to be connected to the data exchange network each month. Onetrail focuses more and more on onboarding hundreds of retail suppliers at a high pace.

“Onetrail is a company with 20 years of experience in data logistics. And just as our businesses, it is fully focused on giving the clients maximum support each day through solid solutions. We expand our proposition within the local government vertical with Onetrail and take our first significant steps in the retail of consumer electronics domain. This is a growth market where Onetrail has a unique and proven position with great customers. We look forward to realizing Onetrail’s growth ambition further together with the management team.”

Martijn Aardema

General Manager, TSS

“During the past years, Onetrail has developed the right products to play a leading role in the retail market. And the organization has adjusted accordingly. Now that we have landed some major clients, we are ready for the next step. I am pleased that within a relatively short period we have found a new owner who is on the same wavelength and believes just as strongly in our growth strategy. We expect that TSS can give us the tools and strength to continue to roll out our solutions in the European retail and local government sectors.”

Jeroen Moonen

Managing Director, Onetrail