As the frontrunners in technological innovation, our clients are creating social and societal trends that deliver value. Since inception, IMPROVED has worked with Technology entrepreneurs, investors and corporates with a vision to create the future. We support them on this journey through access to capital and the securing of a strong and ambitious growth partner.

At IMPROVED, we are trusted by innovators and Technology leaders to deliver growth financing across a number of business models and sub-sectors, such as: Software and SaaS; Marketplaces and Platforms; FinTech, IoT and Industrial Tech; Digital Health; and IT Services.

Our team of industry experts and specialist deal makers bring deep knowledge of the latest market dynamics and proprietary access to the global technology ecosystem (Tier-1 investors and buyers), and its ancillary industries.

We see Technology accelerating global modernisation and rapidly disrupting every industry. In the coming decade, we expect more technological progress than the preceding 100 years, leading to numerous opportunities for investors, corporates and entrepreneurs.

Keeping up to speed with the latest technological developments and identifying the technologies that are changing industries is imperative; it allows businesses to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world, while addressing the megatrends.

As a result, companies and businesses are constantly seeking innovations to stay one step ahead of the competition, react to change and discover new opportunities. We believe that IMPROVED enables our investor partners to identify the technologies that have the potential to bring strong returns and our corporates and entrepreneurs to identify the right partner to take them into the future.

Today, we see process automation and virtualisation, the future of connectivity, distributed infrastructure, next-generation computing, applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), future of programming, trust architectures, bio revolution, next-generation materials and the future climate tech as the top technology trends that authorities believe will dominate the shifting landscape in the coming decade.

Recent global venture funding shows an increasing appetite in technological businesses, with an increasing number going public each year. This trend is likely to continue its acceleration, providing opportunities for tech-based businesses and investors.

The technology industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Through our team, services and network, we enable our clients to pursue these opportunities, be heard above the competition and gain access to key decision-makers who are ready to take technology businesses to the next level.