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In partnership with TNW and Dealroom, IMPROVED recently co-hosted a highly relevant expert panel at TNW Conference 2022 on “Raising capital and preparing for an exit during market uncertainty”.

Yoram Wijngaarde, Co-founder and CEO at Dealroom, kicked off the panel with a presentation on the market dynamics, providing real-time insights into global Tech valuations, VC activity at various stages, and the availability of capital.

Despite the market downturn and the global tech sector being hit significantly, the data from Dealroom suggests that there still is significant investor activity in the global Tech market, and signals that there is a historically high level of capital available, ready to be deployed and invested in the most promising innovations and sustainable companies.

Furthermore, we were pleased to welcome experienced Tech entrepreneur Jaco Brussé, Co-founder and CEO at Visualfabriq, and seasoned Tier-1 Tech investor Michiel Kotting, Partner at Northzone, to our expert panel.

Through a Q&A, moderated by our Executive Director, Manus Weber, we discussed their views on the market and shared best practices with the Tech ecosystem on how to continue to optimise value, raise capital, and best prepare for an exit during market uncertainty.

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To all Tech pioneers; IMPROVED is well-positioned to provide tailor-made support to your fundraising and/or M&A ambitions.

Reach out and let’s evaluate together how we can find the best possible partner to unlock optimal value for shareholders and stakeholders every step of the way; especially in times of market uncertainty.

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