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ToBeIMPROVED is an initiative that we have been supporting for five years through our contribution to the infrastructure of a local education center in Ghana.

The fundamental objective of the initiative is to help children and young adults discover their talent and independence, capture their full (personal and professional) potential, and inspire their communities to build the future.

The education center provides students with a broad selection of library material, (educational) games, and specialized training sessions to complement and extend their basic school education. Acknowledging their overall development, a select number of determined students have also received a scholarship to obtain their university degrees. 

Over the years, IMPROVED has actively supported 30 professionals in dedicated mentorship to become digital marketers – in collaboration with To Be Worldwide and Net4kids – through hands-on training sessions covering important management skills. Since the start of our contribution five years ago, the initiative has reached over 5,000 young children.

During our visit to the education center in June 2023, we covered an extensive program:

  • A recap of the important training sessions; How to cope with change (i.e. innovation) and leverage key learnings and skills from the courses, including self-reflection, effective communication, proactivity, adaptability, and more 
  • Workshop on key innovations for the coming decades and in-depth discussion on the (potential) impact on society and their local communities 
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with the most ambitious students to create a personal development plan and focus on their top 5 soft and hard skills for the coming 5 years 
  • First digital market project for local – but internationally active – clients 
  • Round up with a graduation ceremony and dinner 
  • And more 

The first group of young professionals has now developed the necessary skills to operate the initiatives independently. The goal is for them to gradually take over the management of the education center and digital marketing training sessions, expanding the project’s reach and local impact – with our continued guidance and support.

We would like to thank all parties and people involved that make this great initiative possible and are dedicated to create more impact for many years.

Recap Video:

Nicolas Magnus, “To Be Worldwide Ghana Visit”


Isaac Kwesi Alor, “Don’t Underestimate”

Frank Kofi Ago, “Learning English”

Frank Kofi Ago, “Difference between Africa and Europe”

Akpene Darko Cobbina, “Importance of Reading”

Akpene Darko Cobbina, “Reaching for Excellence”

Benjamina Amihere, “Fundamental Library Access”

Nathaniel Prince Nkrumah, “Hands-on Computer Classes”

Make sure to check out our previous initiatives and stayed tuned for upcoming editions as part of our 10-year anniversary.

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