IMPROVED welcomes seasoned TEM industry expert – Prachi Vakharia – to its global team as U.S. Associate Partner

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IMPROVED – the premier Corporate Finance Boutique in the Global Technology, Energy and Mobility (“TEM”) Sectors – is pleased to announce that Prachi Vakharia has joined the IMPROVED team as U.S. Associate Partner.

Prachi Vakharia is a seasoned TEM industry specialist with deep sector expertise, experience in supporting innovators and entrepreneurs both as growth-stage investor and mentor, and strong curiosity and passion for advanced innovation. Prachi brings an extensive global network of key decision-makers in the Technology, Energy and Mobility sectors. Based out of Washington DC, Prachi will further expand IMPROVED´s reach into the U.S. and global markets.

Prachi has over ten years of experience in transportation innovation, standards and infrastructure advancing projects in autonomous vehicles, digital, electric, and shared mobility. Prachi has recently joined Amazon to accelerate their foray into new and advanced transport and technology solutions. She previously worked in clean transportation, and was brought in by AES Next, the venture arm of multinational energy firm AES, to invest in electric mobility. Prior to that, she spent over three years at the World Bank, financing urban transport projects across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Given her curiosity and love for science and innovation, Prachi mentors and invests in growth-stage tech, transport and energy start-ups. She had three successful exits with acquisitions by Daimler AG in 2014 and has, since then, invested in and served on the board of several later-stage start-ups. Prachi also advises U.S. federal government programs to support science commercialisation programs. She contributes to academic research and standards development and chairs committees for the U.S. National Academies of Sciences Transportation Research Board and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

To advance women in STEM+E, Prachi co-founded and funded WOMANIUM Foundation that has trained students in computational neuroscience, James Webb Space Telescope and satellite development, atomic clocks, quantum computing, etc. and given hundreds of scholarships to students from over 42 countries. Additionally, she serves on the Board of the Business School at George Mason University.

“The world is at an interesting inflection point. The combination of ubiquitous connectivity, networking, computing – on the edge, in person, in vehicles and cloud, location data, rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, computer vision, automation and advanced sensory awareness – has brought before us the opportunity for a Cambrian-like explosion of new technological applications and innovations in sectors that have been hitherto stagnant for decades.

To understand, amalgamate, foresee, and invest in that revolution in simultaneity, will lead to unprecedented opportunities and advancements in this new world. That, I call A World Improved! The unique advantage of IMPROVED will be a catalyst for innovators and entrepreneurs everywhere, endeavouring to improve the world. Hence, I am glad to join the team at IMPROVED!” says Prachi Vakharia.

Frank Verbeek, Managing Partner at IMPROVED, continued: “Prachi has dedicated her all to supporting pioneers and entrepreneurs in accelerating iconic innovation and progressing society. She possesses the impressive skill- and mindset that is required to achieve optimal positive impact for our clients and their stakeholders. That is what we stand for at IMPROVED. It’s an honour to have Prachi on our team!”

Sherief Rahim, Executive Director at IMPROVED, added: “We are thrilled to have Prachi join our Global team of Associate Partners, and expand our local presence in the U.S. Prachi has been at the forefront of innovation for many years, and built an incredible track record and network in Technology, Energy and Mobility sectors. We are certain that Prachi will bring tremendous value to IMPROVED and our clients.”

With Prachi on its team of Associate Partners, IMPROVED further expands its industry expertise, global dealmaking capabilities, and reach with key decision-makers in the Technology, Energy and Mobility sectors. Leveraging our expertise, we are excited to continue supporting TEM entrepreneurs, investors and corporates in landmark transactions, and further accelerate iconic innovation.

We invite all pioneers and industry leaders to reach out to our specialist team.

Prachi can be reached at

For more information, contact Prachi directly or reach out to Frank Verbeek (Managing Partner) at


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