IMPROVED works with numerous cutting edge Energy innovators and Technology companies, helping them access financing and secure the right strategic growth partner. We are deeply connected to the leading global and domestic strategic buyers, including energy, industrial and technology companies. In addition, we have a strong reach into the financial ecosystem ranging from infrastructure to clean-technology investors, from the US to Japan, and with many different appetites for risk and opportunities for return. This breadth and depth of services allow us to provide the optimal capital solution for our clients.

Our Energy industry experts have held executive roles at some of the world’s most influential Energy organisations. Our understanding of the Energy sector and our close relationships with recognised industry leaders affords our clients with proprietary access to capital and compelling M&A opportunities.

In recent years we have seen a large increase in innovation and M&A activity. The world’s eyes are on the energy industry as it looks to resolve the major environmental impacts of the last 100 years. To achieve the 2050 global climate goals, urgent investment, in excess of $170 trillion+ in clean energy, is required [1].

The most important and impactful drivers of global change are Technology & Innovation. Renewables, Electrification, Digitisation, and Efficiency are key trends that impact the conservative energy ecosystem, including the existing multi-billion asset base and legacy infrastructure. Additionally, these major trends require new infrastructure, including (but not limited to) battery storage, smart grids, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The urgency to resolve the legacy issues and innovate the ecosystem is increasing exponentially. Time is limited, and there is growing pressure on the Energy industry to diversify. Societal pressure and increased understanding of humanity’s impact on the environment has led to an acceleration in technology & innovation opportunities.


[1] IRENA (2021), World Energy Transitions Outlook: 1.5°C Pathway, International Renewable Energy Agency, Abu Dhabi,