IMPROVED advises Wallbox on its business combination agreement with Kensington

  • Date June 9th, 2021
  • Transaction type Growth Financing
  • Sector Energy
  • Sub Sector Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions and Energy Management
Further Info

Wall Box Chargers SL (“Wallbox”), a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, and Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. II (“Kensington”), a special purpose acquisition company, announced a definitive agreement for a business combination that would result in Wallbox becoming a publicly listed company. Upon closing of the transaction, the combined company will be named Wallbox and listed on the NYSE and trade under the new ticker symbol “WBX.”

Founded in 2015, Wallbox creates smart charging and energy management solutions that combine innovative technology with outstanding design, facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles today to make more sustainable use of energy tomorrow. Wallbox designs, manufactures and distributes EV charging solutions for residential, semi-public and public use, and its products are sold in 67 countries. Its smart charging product lineup includes Level 2 AC chargers (“Pulsar Plus”, “Commander 2” and “Copper SB”) for home and business applications, and DC fast chargers (“Supernova”) for public applications. The company also offers the world’s first bidirectional DC charger for the home (“Quasar”), which allows users to both charge their electric vehicle and use the energy from the car’s battery to power their home, business or send it back to the grid. Powering all these devices is the company’s proprietary residential and business software (“myWallbox”) that can be used for real-time charger management, fleet and energy management.

Wallbox’s largest institutional investor, Iberdrola, recently announced the acquisition of the first 1,000 Wallbox Supernova fast chargers as part of its five-year sustainable mobility plan to deploy more than 150,000 chargers in homes, businesses and public road networks. Wallbox has nine offices across three continents and has sold over 100,000 units since its founding in 2015. Through its vertically integrated model, the company keeps development
cycles short, enabling an accelerated time to market. Its products are currently manufactured in Spain and China, with plans to add a U.S. manufacturing facility in 2022.

"Today marks a big step in the evolution of our global company. Mass market adoption of electric vehicles is here, and with this comes a need for significant expansion of charging infrastructure, starting at the home. At Wallbox, we believe that ubiquitous access to affordable, efficient, and optimized EV charging is a critical part of the transition to electric vehicles. This transaction with Kensington will allow us to significantly increase our product development and manufacturing capacity as we expand sales globally to enhance the global transition to EVs.”

Enric Asunción

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wallbox

"We are incredibly excited to announce our business combination with Wallbox and to provide the company with significant capital and automotive industry experience to accelerate its global business plan. Our commitment to sustainable technologies and partnering with industry leaders is steadfast, and we are impressed with Enric’s vision of creating world-class products that make EV charging and energy management easier and more cost-efficient.”

Justin Mirro

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kensington