IMPROVED empowers innovations in the Mobility sector, enabling  technologies that challenge the status quo and change the way people and goods move.

The emergence of new players in the Mobility sector has increased competition exponentially. As a result, our clients require a corporate finance specialist with deep sector knowledge and experience.

Our Mobility industry experts have held executive roles at what we believe are some of the world’s most influential Automotive, Public Transit and Automotive Strategy Consultancy organisations. Our understanding of the Mobility sector and our close relationships with recognised industry leaders affords our clients with proprietary access to capital and M&A opportunities.

The opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs and corporates within, or entering the mobility sector, has in our experience never been greater. In recent years, the traditional mobility model has been brought into question.  The industry’s efficiency and impact on the environment has led to an urgent desire to adapt the existing mobility models. Key to driving this change has been rapid urbanisation, changing consumer demands and emerging mobility technologies.

Traditional incumbents have been challenged by new technology leaders, software companies, energy players, marketplace aggregators, on-demand providers and digital platforms while transitioning to mass electrification.

Since 2010, investors have poured over US$330bn into more than 2,000 mobility companies focused on Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared Mobility trends. That total includes over US$100bn invested since the beginning of 2019, forming the basis of a new $10 trillion industry that is arising at rapid pace [1]. Mobility players cannot ignore these developments if they wish to achieve a competitive edge over the next decade.

IMPROVED has supported a wide range of Mobility innovators across a variety of sub-sectors and all modes of transport, including: Connected Mobility; Autonomous vehicles; Shared Mobility, Electric Mobility and Charging Infrastructure clients.

Our team takes pride in the number of new investors it has supported through investments into the sector and the innovators it has supported through accelerated growth paths.

[1] McKinsey & Company (2019), Start me up: Where mobility investments are going <>