Omar Hatamleh

Industry Expert - High-Tech & AI

Omar is an Associate Partner at IMPROVED.

Omar advises the firm’s clients and partners on innovation, M&A and strategic aspects in Technology transactions.

He holds over 25 years of experience in High-tech growth advisory, Aerospace Engineering, Innovation, Technology and more specifically in Health Tech, AI, and IoT.
Omar is also the co-author of Between Brains, a book that explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence and technology on the future of jobs, society, technologies and economies. Furthermore, he has published over 30 publications on Engineering in numerous scientific journals, and he has been a keynote speaker at many renowned innovation events, including a.o. major innovation conferences, Google, IBM, European Investment Bank.

Omar works closely with our clients across the Technology, Energy and Mobility sectors, giving them access to his extensive international network and offering them insights into the rapidly increasing influence AI will have across the TEM  domains.

Omar holds four engineering degrees and speaks four languages.