Lex Hartman

Industry Expert - Mobility & Energy Transition

Lex is an Associate Partner at IMPROVED.

Lex Hartman is a seasoned expert in Energy Transition and Emobility, and supports IMPROVED and its clients on strategic, M&A and Growth Financing advisory within the Energy Transition and Emobility domains.

Lex has over 25 years of executive management experience in various corporate and scale-up, regulated, and commercial companies in the Energy and (Emobility) Infrastructure domain. Lex led numerous large infrastructure projects, like BritNed and Nordlink, and worked on multiple M&A transactions in his roles as CEO at TenneT Germany, Board member at TenneT holding, and CEO at ubitricity GmbH (part of the Shell Group). Lex is well-connected and well-known in the Energy industry and has an extensive network of industry leaders, both in politics and business.

Lex’s extensive operational, technical and strategic expertise within the mobility and energy transition domain offers IMPROVED’s clients and partners unrivalled insight into the domains´ accelerated shift towards a future of electrification and sustainable energy.

Lex works closely with our Energy and Mobility clients, giving them access to his extensive international network, and offering them expert insights into the industry.