Jeroen Tas

Industry Expert - HealthTech

Jeroen is an Associate Partner at IMPROVED.

Jeroen is a well-recognised innovation leader and industry expert in the global Information Technology and HealthTech domains.

He advises IMPROVED’s clients on the most sustainable digital transformation and growth strategies with a key focus on HealthTech, including M&A and growth financing advice.

Over the past 30 years, Jeroen has accumulated significant experience in entrepreneurship, strategic decision-making, large-scale digital transformation, and expertise in information technology (Cloud, AI, IoT, robotics, cyber security) to transform and grow businesses.

Most recently, Jeroen was Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer at Phillips, where he led numerous strategic innovation projects, from healthy living and prevention to precision diagnosis, right-fit treatment, and care at home. Prior to joining Phillips, he co-founded and built Mphasis to become a leading $1B+ provider of IT and IT-enabled solutions. Jeroen was head of Transaction Technology Inc, Citi’s California-based tech lab, where he delivered the world’s first Internet banking and payment network solutions.

Currently, Jeroen holds numerous board member and senior advisory positions, i.e. at Zylorion, a Canadian mental health company, GAIA-X the European Cloud and Data Consortium, Multiples, an Indian Private Equity company, and Quantiphi, a US-based AI company. Besides, he is also an active participant in societal initiatives from organizations like – the World Economic Forum and GAIA, where he advises and regularly communicates on innovation and sustainability.

Jeroen holds a master’s degree in computer science and business administration from the VU University, Amsterdam.