Gijs Keurentjes


Gijs is an analyst at IMPROVED.

He is committed to supporting the transition to a sustainable economy through tailored corporate finance advisory services across the Technology, Energy and Mobility (“TEM”) sectors. With a passion for technological advancements and a strong interest in new developments across the TEM sectors, he aims to drive optimal value for IMPROVED’s clients. Complementing his focus on TEM, he closely monitors the developments in the carbon accounting market.

Prior to joining IMPROVED, Gijs gained relevant experience at a private equity firm specialising in digital infrastructure.

Gijs obtained a Master’s degree in Finance & Investments from the Rotterdam School of Management and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen. Additionally, he completed a minor in Finance at the University of Barcelona. In his spare time, Gijs likes to travel and play sports like tennis, padel and cycling.