Metaverse Insights 2022

IMPROVED and Ferrovial publish decicated report “Metaverse Insights 2022”

Amsterdam | Madrid (October 27th, 2022)
Following EcoSystems 2030 – the premier interdisciplinary Summit for top executives, senior engineers, thought leaders, innovators, and futurists that took place in May earlier this year – we are pleased to co-publish a dedicated report on the Metaverse.

The report “Metaverse Insights 2022” was initiated and authored by IMPROVED’s Associate Partner, Omar Hatamleh, and co-published with Ferrovial – the leading global sustainable infrastructure developer and operator – to stimulate the discussion and create a framework for the positive advancement of the Metaverse.

Although the Metaverse is still in formative stage, pioneers, industry leaders, and institutions in various sectors are racing to establish their presence within it. They recognise its unbounded potential to generate novel value, expand the human range of experience beyond the confines of the physical world, and propagate social cohesion, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

Supported by rapid technological advancement and innovation on numerous fronts, i.e. IoT, 5G, AI, LiDAR/VR, Cloud & Edge Computing, AI, Blockchain, Design Engines, and 3D modelling, many industries are expected to be disrupted and advanced. Consequently, many new business models and significant opportunities are expected to arise. Though projections vary greatly, McKinsey suggests that the Metaverse could generate up to US$5 trillion by 2030.

How can industry leaders and pioneers best anticipate and prepare for a digital (and parallel) universe? What can be done now to secure fair market share in the Metaverse – before it becomes a new reality?

This report provides key insights and relevant considerations to align concept development and (investment) strategies with the digital needs of humanity. It aims to provide a relevant framework for the positive advancement of this enormously impactful innovation.

Key topics include;

  • The origination, key drivers, and definition of the Metaverse
  • Stakeholder attitudes and behaviours
  • Investment and value potential
  • Strategic building blocks to enter the Metaverse
  • Industry leader breakout session and key insights

Reach out to Omar Hatamleh or our specialist team to discuss how you can create optimal impact in the Metaverse.

On behalf of Omar and Ferrovial, we would like to thank all industry experts for their valuable contributions and insights to the white paper.

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